ACG 2010 Conference: AABC Energy Management Program (EMP)

ACG 6th Annual Conference on Total Building Commissioning

Title: AABC Energy Management Professional Presentation

Presenter: Andrew L. Heitman, CxA, LEED AP, CEM, Building Energy Sciences, LLC


Join us for an extended discussion of AABC’s 6-phase process for developing a strategic energy management plan for building owners.


The process, which applies the structured approach and system performance focus of commissioning to energy analysis, is the backbone of the forthcoming AABC Energy Management Guideline, as well as the AABC Energy Management Energy Professional (EMP) certification.


Committee chairman Andy Heitman will explain the systematic process in detail, as well as its philosophy of an independent consultant applying a holistic, practical approach relying on field testing and analysis—rather than theoretical assumptions—to fulfill the owner’s needs.

In addition to serving as chair of the AABC Energy Management Committee, Andy Heitman founded Building Energy Sciences LLC, and has more than 15 years experience in building systems design, construction, building commissioning, energy consulting, and building systems analysis. He has particular expertise in energy analysis. He serves as an Adjunct Instructor at the University of West Florida, and he developed and teaches a two-hour instructional class on building commissioning.


Information provided by AABC Commissioning Group

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