CFE Media Content Partnership Program

CFE Media Content Partnership Program

CFE Media LLC has the platform for content, community, and applications that engage engineers worldwide to share, learn, and increase productivity across all engineering designs, systems, and plants. With its four core brands, Control EngineeringConsulting-Specifying EngineerOil & Gas Engineeringand Plant EngineeringCFE Media generates an average of 220,000 visitors and 480,000 pageviews per month to its websites, and millions of touchpoints per month via various channels including print magazines, websites, webcasts, white papers, enewsletters, research, databases, and events. 

CFE Media strives to build great communities with help from its content partners, who are subject experts in industrial technology advancement, Internet of Things, cybersecurity, robotics, system integration, manufacturing market research, buildings codes and standards, building information systems, integrated project delivery, plant maintenance strategies, and much more. At CFE Media, the content team highly values different viewpoints and takes an interdisciplinary approach to serve the audience with information of the highest value.

Below is a list of the most active content partners. If you or your organization is interested in participating in the program, contact Emily Guenther at

Current Content Partners, Industry Thought Leaders

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