CFE Media LLC (Content for Engineers) is a new, privately held company formed by Jim Langhenry and Steven Rourke, previous Reed Business Group Publishers. The company is located outside of Chicago and provides the engineering community with premium research and information. CFE Media is a group of eager management, editorial, sales, marketing and production people.

Under CFE Media, the brands:

CFE Media consists of three industry-leading, recognizable brands; Consulting-Specifying Engineer, Plant Engineering, and Control Engineering. These brands are the definitive go-to sources in the plant, automation and control, as well as the building systems specification markets. They consistently deliver information that engineers rely on extensively to assist them with their jobs and business operations.

Steve Rourke – Group Publisher/Co-Founder
Jim Langhenry – CEO/COO/Co-Founder
Trudy Kelly – Executive Assistant
Susie Bak – Collections & Operations Coordinator
Rick Ellis – Audience Management Director
Mark Hoske – Content Manager
Amara Rozgus – Content Manager
Jack Smith – Content Manager
Bob Vavra – Content Manager
Peter Welander – Content Manager
Jessica DuBois-Maahs – Associate Content Manager
Amanda McLeman – Director of Research
Marcin Szkut – Project Manager
Ben Taylor – Project Manager
Josh Balcitis – Content Specialist
Elena Moeller-Younger – Marketing Manager
Kristen Nimmo – Marketing Project Manager
Paul Brouch – Director of Operations
Mike Smith – Creative Director
Allen Mowers – Production Coordinator
Kate Steel – Production Coordinator
Chris Vavra – Production Coordinator
Karen Cira – Sales Executive (PE)
Tom Corcoran – Sales Executive (CSE/PE)
Brian Gross – Sales Executive (CE/CSE) 
Dick Groth – Sales Executive (CSE/PE)
Patrick Lynch – Project Manager/Sales Executive (CE/CSE/PE)
Bailey Rice – Sales Executive (CE)
Iris Seibert – Sales Executive (CE)
Stuart Smith – Sales Executive (CE/CSE/PE)
Julie Timbol – Sales Executive (CE)
Matt Waddell – Sales Executive (CE/CSE/PE)
Jen Wafalosky – Sales Executive (PE)