Structured cable management system

Thomas & Betts' Carlon Orange structured cable management system is designed to make installation of general-purpose, low-voltage residential wire and cable quicker.


Thomas & Betts' Carlon Orange structured cable management system is designed to make installation of general-purpose, low-voltage residential wire and cable quicker. Courtesy: Thomas & BettsCarlon Orange structured cable management system facilitates cable replacement as data/communications technology advances. Colored orange to indicate its use in low-voltage data/communications, or structured, cabling applications, the Carlon Orange features non-metallic boxes and brackets for cable systems in residential applications that are designed for quick and easy installation. (Other colors are available for identification or preference.) Low-voltage brackets with open backs, for example, accommodate the bending radii required for low-voltage coaxial and data/communications cabling, while many of the brackets available in the Carlon Orange snap into place without the need for fasteners.The Carlon Orange also includes low-voltage add-on brackets that snap on easily to existing electrical outlets, and low-voltage adjustable brackets, which accommodate any wall thickness with the turn of a screw. In addition to low-voltage boxes and brackets, the Carlon Orange includes a dual-voltage box and bracket that eliminate the need to install separate boxes for electrical and structured cabling, as well as the need for alignment tools.

Thomas & Betts

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