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Power converter is specifically designed for photovoltaic applications. The 75-kW unit offers peak transformer efficiency of 98.4% and continuous power output at full load, and reduces system operating losses to 25 watts. It also has a nighttime isolation feature allowing the inverter to automatically disconnect from the grid and isolate the power transformer when no power is generated from the...


Power converter is specifically designed for photovoltaic applications. The 75-kW unit offers peak transformer efficiency of 98.4% and continuous power output at full load, and reduces system operating losses to 25 watts. It also has a nighttime isolation feature allowing the inverter to automatically disconnect from the grid and isolate the power transformer when no power is generated from the photovoltaic array. (Ecostar by Ballard Power Systems)

Cable housing is optimized for use in building entrance and telecommunications rooms, as well as in programmable logic controller cabinets. The units accept two or four CCH connector panels or modules, each accommodating either 12 or 24 fibers. An optional cover for jumper protection and an optional cable strain-relief kit are available. (LANscape Wall-Mountable Interconnect Center by Corning Cable Systems)

Programmable fieldbus controller features a 32-bit RISC processor, 512 KB of program memory, 24 KB of retentive memory and IEC-61131-3 programming. A real-time clock provides time stamping and scheduling capabilities, and allows programs to be stored in flash memory to ensure system integrity on recovery from power failure. (by Wago Corporation)

Luminaires use two reflectors for a variety of lighting applications. Beam spreads ranging from 8° to 24° are possible with the narrow reflector, and the wide reflector makes beam spreads from 25° to 55° possible. The compact, low-wattage ceramic metal-halide track units are available in 39-, 70- and 150-watt versions with up to 15,000 hrs. of life. Mounting options include track, canopy and busway. (Imperia T6 by Amerlux Lighting Solutions)

Dilution blower is a self-contained exhaust system with a discharge nozzle that entrains additional ambient air to mix with potentially hazardous exhaust fumes. The additional air dilutes the lab effluent and increases the discharge flow and velocity, displacing the exhaust high above the roof and away from building makeup-air systems—without the need for exhaust stacks. The system is suitable for hospital, pharmaceutical, university, biotech and other laboratory applications. (Vektor by Greenheck)

Vacuum breaker features a chrome-plated brass body and large arrows to indicate the direction of water flow. An end-fitting on the breaker's outlet houses a check valve that protects the breaker, in case it is installed backwards, by allowing water to flow in only one direction.(B-0966 and B-0967 by T&S Brass and Bronze Works, Inc.)

Patient care unit has a decorative cabinet with fully functional sink and fixed toilet, with or without a roll-away patient exam seat. The ADA height-compliant water closet can be specified in stainless steel or china and is available in floor- or wall-mounted models. The seamless countertop leaves no place for bacteria to accumulate. (LC800 by Bradley)

Toxic gas detector is a microprocessor-based transmitter designed to monitor toxic gases or oxygen deficiency and provide status indication and alarm outputs. Features include long-distance remote mounting up to 2,000 ft., dual redundant MODBUS communications, 8-amp relays, three-digit display, 4- to 20-mA output, and indication of remaining sensor life. (TS4000 by General Monitors)

Track channel cover introduces patent-pending strip to provide a smooth, enhanced appearance for recessed track lighting systems. The strip fits flush into the track channel to cover the dark recess and create a solid, uniform look. Made of durable PVC with a high density polyurethane foam backing, the strip is easily field-cut to the length required. (by Liton Lighting)

Air-handling units offer 100% outdoor air ventilation and dehumidification. The unit is designed to provide humidity control not only in the ventilation load, but also for humidity developed in the space by the occupants and infiltration. It is also designed to prevent over-cooling of the occupied space, eliminating the need for unnecessary reheat. (MoistuRe-Mover by Outside Air Solutions)

Integrated systems network offers complete BACnet connectivity from the smallest terminal unit to the largest chiller. The control communication is based on BACnet for interoperability. An auto-discovery feature automatically inputs the point data for each device in the control system. (ConneXsys by York)

Access-control system is completely web-based and requires no locally installed software. The system is fully scalable to meet any configuration and can be completely integrated with various other industry access control system hardware controllers. Also, through the use of 128SSL encryption, alarms and events can be securely monitored in real-time via the Internet/Intranet. (Presidio by Synergistics)

Direct-drive fan has four mounting options in one unit. Included with the fan is the chain hanging mount, the ceiling mount, the wall mount and the portable-barrel-with-wheels mounting to create the style needed. Available in 30-in. or 36-in. sizes, the fan is 115-volt, 1-phase, with two- or three-speed options. (Mancooler by Airmaster)

Electronic ballast features high-efficiency technology for maximum energy savings. The ballast is de-signed for low temperature starts at 0°F (-18°C). It also features four-lamp parallel operation and instant-start technology. With high ballast factor of 1.18, the unit offers maximum T8 light output for 277-volt applications, ideal for high-lumen fixtures incorporating F32T8 lamps. (Triad by Universal)

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