Consulting-Specifying Engineer 2014 Product of the Year finalists: Emergency, on-site, standby power

Read about the 4 finalists in the Emergency, On-site, Standby Power category for the Consulting-Specifying Engineer 2014 Product of the Year program.


Cummins Power Generation: Tier 4 Final mobile generator setMobile generator set

Cummins Power Generation’s Tier 4 Final generator set includes the C150D2R generator (standby rated at 150 kW), the C200D2R generator (standby rated at 200 kW), and the C275D2R generator (standby rated at 275 kW). The Tier 4 Final certified mobile generators feature switchable 60/50 Hz dual frequency operation with multiple voltage configurations of 208, 240, and 480 V in three-phase, and 240 V in single-phase. The units also feature the PowerCommand 3.3 controller with both paralleling and advanced master-less load demand capabilities.

Cummins Power Generation 

Eaton: 1600-amp contactor-based automatic transfer switchAutomatic transfer switch

Eaton’s 1,600-amp automatic transfer switch (ATS) product line is designed to provide monitoring, reporting, and transfer control operations to include in-phase monitor. The 1,600-amp bypass isolation contactor is equipped with dual ATS technology. The bypass isolation contact switch supports concurrent maintainability through automatic control in the bypass mode for mission critical applications. Automatic transfer switches are critical components to any emergency or standby power systems. Features include a double-throw, mechanically interlocked transfer mechanism to prevent connection of both sources and a field-selectable multi-tap transformer panel. It is also NEMA, UL, and CSA listed and certified.


Eaton: 93PM uninterruptible power systemUninterruptible power system

The 93PM uninterruptible power system (UPS) by Eaton features flexible deployment options that support integrated thermal management solutions and efficiency up to 99% and simplified energy management features. As an integrated UPS solution, the 93PM can be strategically deployed and scaled to meet the specific needs of nearly any critical application. The 93PM is designed for the seamless installation of overhead busway or conduit, cable trays, and heat containment accessories. The 93PM supports scalability in 50-kilowatt increments, which is designed to avoid unnecessary investments in excess capacity.


HIPOWER Systems: HRNG natural gas generatorsNatural gas generators

HIPOWER Systems’ HRNG-165 and HRNG-230 natural gas generators are specifically engineered to stand up to the rigors of remote oil and gas operations. The company has developed prototypes of five different models, all of which are built to meet UL and CSA standards. In addition to their durability, the generators are integrated with MasterTrak, a telematics asset and fleet management tool that communicates with the engine and other components to provide equipment data. MasterTrak lets operators monitor faults and alerts remotely and in real time, resolving engine problems and reducing unexpected failures.


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