2014 40 Under 40: John A. Rizzo, PE, 35

Lead Electrical Engineer, Project Manager, exp, Milwaukee


John A. RizzoJohn A. Rizzo, PE, 35
Lead Electrical Engineer, Project Manager, exp, Milwaukee
Milwaukee School of Engineering, BS Architectural Engineering, BS Construction Management

John Rizzo is most noted by colleagues for his role as lead electrical engineer and for his project management skills that at one point had him facilitating the operations of a 40-person team located in six different offices across the United States. What Rizzo’s colleagues don’t know is that his ancestral roots trace back to southern Italy, he has helped in the construction of a dozen homes for Habitat for Humanity, and he can whip up an array of homemade salsas. Since graduating from college in 2002, Rizzo has worked his way up the ladder to project manager at exp, and he still engages in the engineering process by designing power distribution and lighting systems and preparing plans and specifications for renovations of buildings across the U.S. In 2008, Rizzo was recognized for his leadership in managing the company’s largest revenue-producing project at the time, a 440-acre corporate campus development project for a medical software company in the Midwest. Rizzo currently serves on the Architectural Engineering Institute board as building systems integration and construction management sub-committee chair for the Professional Engineer examination. Like many in the engineering profession, Rizzo is away from his home nearly 80% of the workweek, yet he makes sure to leave some time for one of his passions: traveling. Rizzo has traveled extensively throughout North America, Costa Rica, and Europe. Organized sports is also an integral part of Rizzo’s lifestyle. In the past few years he has been a part of the Young Professionals as well as industry-related sports leagues including flag football, kickball, softball, bowling, and volleyball. 

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