2014 40 Under 40: Aaron Detmer, LEED Green Associate, EIT, 33

Project Engineer, Senior Project Commissioning Engineer, G&W Engineering Corp., Maryland Heights, Mo.


Aaron DetmerAaron Detmer, LEED Green Associate, EIT, 33
Project Engineer, Senior Project Commissioning Engineer, G&W Engineering Corp., Maryland Heights, Mo.
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, BS Mechanical Engineering

As a child, Aaron Detmer had a strong interest in science, design, and discovery. Detmer remembers the wonder of taking apart everything from electronics to toys and putting them back together, or even using them to create something new. His interest in design, building, and improvement led him to the science and industry of engineering. Detmer has shifted through a multitude of positions throughout his 12 years working in the industry. Since launching his career, Detmer has conducted engineering design and site work, and also drafted mechanical, plumbing, and fire protection systems for a variety of facilities including government, educational, pharmaceutical, and health care. His time at CRB Consulting Engineers gave him more specialized mechanical engineering expertise in a number of facility designs for new construction, renovation, and energy analysis. While at CRB, he led a national sustainable design company expert team and worked on a project start-up that won the St. Louis Council of Construction Consumers Best Practices Award in 2008. In his current position as project engineer for G&W Engineering, Detmer advises clients in how to use different types of building systems—from HVAC (variable air volume, variable refrigerant flow, and geothermal) to LED lighting—to produce more sustainable designs. A large portion of Detmer’s sustainable efforts is spent educating and training new hires and existing employees along with guiding graduate students. As member of the advisory board for Ranken Technical College, Detmer helps guide the development of the engineering curriculum and supports staff for the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing topics. He also serves on the Southern Illinois University Edwardsville alumni association’s board of directors to help the school and fellow alumni. At home, Detmer and his wife continuously work to reduce their carbon footprint. Detmer has designed and installed a high-efficiency HVAC system and is working on fully converting the house to use LED lighting to further lower electrical use. In addition to these home improvements, Detmer  devotes some of his free time to hobbies such as building and operating motorcycles and remote-controlled vehicles. 

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