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Circuit monitoring system sensor portfolio

ABB’s circuit monitoring system (CMS) sensor portfolio is capable of monitoring all branches to... » more

Top 5 Consulting-Specifying Engineer articles, December 7-13: Coordinating protective devices, electrical engineers and BIM, engineers' value, more

Articles about protective devices in mission critical facilities, taking BIM to the next level, the... » more

Understanding transfer switch operation

Consulting engineers should understand transfer switch construction, performance requirements,... » more

Sponsored Content: Codes and standards for onsite power systems criteria apply to generator sets and their manufacturers

Generator sets and the companies that make them can be judged by how they measure up to codes and... » more

Your questions answered: Improving the design process for selective coordination applications

Selective coordination applications have a number of variables and challenges to consider during... » more

Healthy hospital success: Electrical, power, and lighting

With hospital projects, it is imperative that engineers get everything exactly right—after all, the... » more

Keeping generator testing under control

Following a successful installation of four resistive/reactive load banks at the Cummins... » more

ATS and retrofit saves time, money

Blending new and old technologies ensures economical reliability. » more

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Fire/life safety webcast: Detection, notification, and suppression

Both active and passive fire protection systems are specified to ensure the safety and well-being of building occupants in case of a fire. As in most industries, the safety of people comes first and property protection is...

Webcast: Understand the Benefits of a Fixed Vacuum Circuit Breaker Versus a Withdrawable Breaker

Electrical engineers must understand the exacting specifications when designing switchgear. This webcast focuses on medium-voltage switchgear in withdrawable applications compared to medium-voltage switchgear in fixed/removable...

Webcast: Vertical turbine NPSH

Net positive suction head (NPSH) is a key factor for plumbing engineers when specifying vertical turbine pumps. Learn the challenges of and solutions to NPSH issues.

Critical power webcast: Electrical systems and data center efficiency

When it comes to data center electrical efficiency, all sources of energy use in the facility must be considered. Register for this Feb. 18, 2016, webcast to learn more.

Webcast: Optimizing variable flow pumping control modes for energy savings

Learn about control modes in variable speed pumps to maximize energy savings in hydronic systems.

2013 Electrical & Power Study

This 2013 study was conducted by Consulting-Specifying Engineer in April and May to evaluate customer awareness, usage of, and preference for suppliers of various types of electrical and power products and systems.

Cut the Copper Blog

Still more on ‘cutting the copper’

One evening, an easy method to scale back on the amount of copper we... » more

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Insights on Power Blog

Critical power webcast: Selective coordination

Selective coordination is a means of localizing...

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