Wednesday, November 13, 2013
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The 3Cs of circuit protection
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Circuit breaker technology advancements are emerging that enable engineers to strike a better balance of safety and uptime. Here are some tips from a circuit breaker expert.Read More

Interstitial spaces: Managing the dark zones of the building
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Engineers must pay close attention when coordinating mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection system design in interstitial spaces.Read More

Power Failure is Not an Option. So when the power goes out, the reliability of a Generac Industrial Power generator keeps everything from hospitals to hotels up and running. Learn more here.
Specifying systems for new, existing office buildings
Specifying systems for new, existing office buildings

Office buildings might seem like simple structures from the outside, but engineers engaged in such projects know they can be highly complex, with specialized fire/life safety requirements, laboratory... Read More

Using withstand current rating to improve electrical system designs
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Understanding how withstand current rating affects an automatic transfer switch enables consulting engineers to design more effective electrical systems.Read More

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When engineering systems in mission critical facilities (hospitals, data centers, etc.), what's the most complex issue you face?
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Arc Flash Safety eGuide: Learn how to integrate electric safety with design; protect using internal VFIs in liquid substation transformers, and about the potentially lethal hazards associated with arc flash events in a 400V data center. Sponsored by Eaton Click here.
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Attend any of our 1-hour-long webcasts on topics including modular data centers, notification and emergency communication systems, and circuit protection for health care facilities.

Modular data center design

Fire and Life Safety: Notification and emergency communication systems

Critical Power: Circuit Protection in health care facilities

Smart Electrical Systems: Meters, submeters, and smart meters

Critical Power: Standby power for mission critical facilities

HVAC: ASHRAE 62.1, 62.2, and air movement

Critical Power: Standby versus emergency power systems
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UPS for midsize power users
UPS for midsize power users

The Liebert eXM UPS system is designed for small and medium power requirements seeking greater cost... Read More

Process cooling unit for indoor environments
Process cooling unit for indoor environments

The gPod process cooling unit provides a solution for indoor environments, where floor space is... Read More

Vertical units offer thermal, cooling efficiencies
Vertical units offer thermal,  cooling efficiencies

Allied Air Enterprises' V-Series of vertical units offer thermal efficiencies of up to 95% and... Read More

Dimmable LED ceiling light fixtures
Dimmable LED ceiling light fixtures

The dimmable LED ceiling light fixtures featuring high lumen output, low energy consumption, and... Read More

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