Wednesday, December 11, 2013
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When to use computer-based power analysis tools
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With the vast amount of power analysis design tools available today, electrical engineers can be overwhelmed when choosing the right tool to use. Learning these tools and knowing when to use them can help an engineer be more efficient with his or her time and results.Read More

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Understanding emission requirements for standby gensets
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Engineers should know the current emission regulatory requirements to ensure their designs comply.Read More

Rex Hospital gets a power system upgrade
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The upgrade increased the system’s emergency power generating capacity, boosted its fuel storage capacity, and added a SCADA system.Read More

Power Failure is Not an Option. So when the power goes out, the reliability of a Generac Industrial Power generator keeps everything from hospitals to hotels up and running. Learn more here.
Case study: Data center retrofit
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Any time the reliability demand is high and the data center has to work around pre-existing building constraints, there are significant design challenges. However, creative engineering can turn just... Read More

Commissioning, testing gensets using resistive/reactive load banks
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Consulting engineers can help their clients by conveying to them the importance of including reactive load bank testing during commissioning and periodically during normal operations.Read More

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Arc Flash Safety eGuide: Learn how to integrate electric safety with design; protect using internal VFIs in liquid substation transformers, and about the potentially lethal hazards associated with arc flash events in a 400V data center. Sponsored by Eaton Click here.
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Modular data center design

Fire and Life Safety: Notification and emergency communication systems

Critical Power: Circuit Protection in health care facilities

Smart Electrical Systems: Meters, submeters, and smart meters

Critical Power: Standby power for mission critical facilities

HVAC: ASHRAE 62.1, 62.2, and air movement

Critical Power: Standby versus emergency power systems
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Featured Products
Cable tray system
Cable tray system

The Trof Cable Tray system by Cope is a prefabricated metal structure with ventilated or solid... Read More

Accessories for molded-case circuit breakers
Accessories for molded-case circuit breakers

The Extended Rotary Handle (ERH) and Flange Handle Mechanism (FHM) can be used anywhere MCCBs are... Read More

Power product line: conditioners and transformers
Power product line: conditioners and transformers

The DVS Power Conditioner and ISN Ferroresonant Regulation Transformers are designed for use with... Read More

Panelboards for power monitoring
Panelboards for power monitoring

Powerlink has the ability to monitor and control circuits, panels, and lighting from one... Read More

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