Fan Efficiency: Lowering Fan Energy Use With Instructor Wade W. Smith

Commercial and Industrial Fan Efficiency

Open Enrollment
Course Length: 4 weeks
Instructor: Wade W. Smith, PE, Wade W. Smith Consulting LLC, Chetek, Wis.
Credits for Course: 4 
AIA LU/HSW Credits

This course will review fan basics, introduce the proposed Department of Energy (DOE) regulation, and suggest how to use the DOE metric to drive air moving system efficiency up. Emerging utility rebate programs that will be coming, along with fan performance monitoring tools, also will be introduced. The four-week self-paced session includes:

  • Fan basics 
  • Department of Energy regulations
  • Power use and efficiency          
  • Static regain duct design.          

Your instructor: Wade W. Smith, PE, Wade W. Smith Consulting LLC, Chetek, Wis.

Wade W. Smith, PE, retired from the Air Movement and Control Association in 2015, where he led industry negotiations with other interested parties of a terms sheet that will guide the Department of Energy regulation of commercial and industrial fans. Smith is now a consultant to manufacturers. Smith ran his own radio-based sub-metering and performance monitoring business for 15 years, following 24 years in commercial marketing and general management. He has an engaging presentation style that holds an audience and makes learning fun.

Read more about each week’s session and register for this course, which begins Sept. 12, 2016.

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