Online Educational Courses: Earn AIA LU/HSW credits

New 2016 educational courses now available: 

Fan Efficiency: Lowering Fan Energy Use
Building Automation Systems
Electrical Design for Motors 

Fan Efficiency: Lowering Fan Energy Use with Instructor Wade W. Smith

Start Date: September 12, 2016
Course Length: 4 weeks
Instructor: Wade W. Smith, PE, Wade W. Smith Consulting LLC, Chetek, Wis.
Credits for Course: 4 AIA LU/HSW 

This course will review fan basics, introduce the proposed Department of Energy (DOE) regulation, and suggest how to use the DOE metric to drive air moving system efficiency up. Emerging utility rebate programs that will be coming, along with fan performance monitoring tools, also will be introduced. The four-week self-paced session includes:

Your instructor: Wade W. Smith, PE, Wade W. Smith Consulting LLC, Chetek, Wis.

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Electrical Design for Motors with Instructor Ken Lovorn

Start Date: September 26, 2016
Course Length: 3 weeks
Instructor: Ken Lovorn, PE
Course Ranking: 7.5/10
Credits for course: 6 AIA LU Credits

Learn all of the skills necessary to design branch circuits for motors. This course will cover single and three phase induction motors, elevator motors, fire pumps, and refrigeration motors. Not only will you learn over current and short circuit protection, you will also learn the National Electrical Code (NEC) criteria for sizing conduit and wire for these motors. Learn little known design tips to reduce installation costs, while still staying within all the NEC criteria for the design of these branch circuits.

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2016 Session: Building Automation Systems with Instructor Ron Bernstein

Start date: October 10, 2016 
Course Length: 6 weeks
Instructor: Ron Bernstein
Course Ranking: 7.2
Credits for course: 
8.5 AIA LU Credits

New course included: Smart buildings and the Smart Grid.

Learn to design the networked, smart buildings of the future and earn AIA LU/HSW continuing education through interactive, self-paced online courses. Together with Consulting-Specifying Engineer and, instructor Ron Bernstein, president of of RBCG LLC, is teaching five interactive courses covering Building Automation Systems (BAS):

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“The course content was focused, concise, and relevant. It gave me a good refresher/update on the current state of building automation systems [BAS] technology.” - Glenn Brady, Sun-Air Sheet Metal

"I enjoyed the course very much, I have been doing BAS for about 3 years now, and I learned a great deal from this course. I encourage anyone who is in the building automation industry to take this course..."
- Charlie Edwards

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