Critical Power: Circuit protection in health care facilities

Critical Power: Circuit protection in health care facilities

Air Date: Thursday, August 8, 2013

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Critical Power: Circuit protection in health care facilities

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Exam Question 1 *

A hospital's emergency generator should be designed as a Level 1 system per the requirements of NFPA 110.

Exam Question 2 *

The fault available from a parallel generator system is sometimes greater than the fault available from the utility.

Exam Question 3 *

The following is required to obtain the available short circuit current: 

Air handing unit (AHU) nameplate
Letter from the utility identifying the available fault current
Year building was built
Dimensions of the switchgear
Exam Question 4 *

A nurse station is an example of a patient care area within a hospital.

Exam Question 5 *

The following area is not considered a critical care area within a hospital: 

Operating rooms
Medical/surgical patient rooms
Labor/delivery rooms
Trauma room in emergency department
Exam Question 6 *

These items are required by the National Electrical Code to indicate the short-circuit rating on the equipment nameplate: 

Industrial control panels
Elevator controllers
Air/refrigeration equipment controllers
All of the above
Exam Question 7 *

Ground fault selective coordination must show 6 cycles of separation for a hospital.

Exam Question 8 *

Arc flash energy increases as: 

Short circuit available increases
Breakers are adjusted to allow more current through
Feeder size is increased
All of the above
Exam Question 9 *

The following is an acceptable wiring method for a critical power branch circuit in a patient care area: 

Schedule 80 PVC
Schedule 40 PVC where encased in concrete
MC cable
EMT conduit with a grounding conductor installed in the conduit
Exam Question 10 *

Assuming metal conduit is used for feeders, panels serving these areas require a grounding bushing (or similar equivalent bonding methodology) between the feeder and the panel: 

Any patient care area
Any area of a hospital
Critical care areas
None of the above
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