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Multifunction control valves

CF multifunction control valves serve as a replacement for conventional mechanical,... » more

Condensate water pump

Sanicondens Best condensate water pump incorporates a pH neutralizing granule tray that increases... » more

Your questions answered: Designing for Minimum Flow With VFD Operation

Jim Swetye, senior technical trainer at Grundfos Pumps Corp. in Ohio tackled unanswered questions... » more

Tackling the clear and present danger of Legionella

It’s a legal requirement to manage Legionella risks and apply the right water treatment strategies... » more

Pipe support system for commercial and municipal applications

Expanded PEX offerings for commercial and municipal applications include PEX Press test plugs, PEX... » more

Low pressure drop Y-strainer

Low pressure drop LPD Y-strainer has a large screen, a great number of holes, and a large surface... » more

Commercial water heater system

Commercial water heater system is designed to speed and simplify the installation of multiple... » more

Webcast: Designing for Minimum Flow with VFD Operation

When we enter the world of variable speed pumping, we must remember that all centrifugal pumps have...

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Condensate water pump

Sanicondens Best condensate water pump incorporates a pH neutralizing granule tray that increases the pH of the acid water before discharging it to the drain line.  » more

Infrared camera for in-focus images

Ti450 infrared camera with MultiSharp focus delivers images automatically focused throughout the field of view. » more

Rooftop replacement with a heat pump

Eclipse rooftop replacement solution features a heat pump with adjustable defrost and three heat capacities, two cabinet heights and footprint sizes, as well as a choice of cooling or electric heat configurations. » more

Direct drive supply fan for make-up air

DGX and MSX can be configured with a direct drive, backward-curved plenum supply fan. » more

Plume abatement technology

ClearSky plume abatement technology provides cooling tower efficiency, conserves water, and reduces unwanted water vapor plumes when integrated with Marley field-erected counterflow cooling towers.  » more


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2012 HVAC Research Study

HVAC, BAS in educational facilities

More than half of respondents to the Consulting-Specifying Engineer... » more

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Cannon Design Blog

Innovative design vs. innovative process

Isn't innovative laboratory design today a mix of... » more

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