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First LEED Platinum-certified Montessori School in Illinois

In partnership with Chiaravalle Montessori School and Bulley & Andrews, CannonDesign is pleased to... » more

Three ways to use grooved couplings to accommodate thermal movement in riser piping

Grooved couplings serve double-duty by offering a safe, efficient means for joining riser piping... » more

A practical approach to BIM/VDC workflow

BIM and VDC have become industry buzzwords that have many different meanings, depending upon who... » more

Important updates to water efficiency standards for plumbing fixtures

In an effort to promote conservation of water in residences and businesses, the U.S. Environmental... » more

Soft starting solution for water pumps

RSWT Series is a self-optimizing soft starting solution for water pumps. » more

Your questions answered: How to Size a Centrifugal Pump Driver

Kevin Anderson, senior technical training specialist at Grundfos Pumps Corp. in Olathe, Kan.,... » more

Stand-alone A-coils

Stand-alone A-coils for use with a matching split ground source heat pump systems is AHRI Certified... » more

Directional cleanout tool for clearing clogged debris

SS1 directional cleanout tool uses Safe-T-Switch SS1 inline overflow/shutoff switch body or any... » more

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Chiller system with intelligence option

AquaSnap 30RAP chiller features the Greenspeed intelligence option, which includes variable speed technology that increases energy-efficiency and delivers quiet operation.  » more

Fusion dedicated outside air system

PremiSys fusion dedicated outside air system is is a split-system consisting of a variable refrigerant flow outdoor unit and an air handler for acclimatizing outside air for commercial buildings. » more

Ceiling exhaust fans

Model SP ceiling exhaust fans exceed Energy Star 4.0 requirements providing airflow with low power consumption and sound.  » more

Rooftop replacement solution

York Direct Fit rooftop replacement features an exact-fit replacement design that matches the units to footprints of other manufacturers’ units.  » more

Connectors for ductless air conditioning

Aspen Xtra offers all the necessary connectors, adaptors, brackets and supports needed to properly, aesthetically and efficiently mount, connect and run condensate hoses, line sets and communication/power cabling for ductless air... » more


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2012 HVAC Research Study

HVAC, BAS in educational facilities

More than half of respondents to the Consulting-Specifying Engineer... » more

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Innovative design vs. innovative process

Isn't innovative laboratory design today a mix of... » more

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