CEU Exam: Managing your Future

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The presenter said that to manage your future, you must know that:

Everyone is a free agent
You are as good as what you just did
Every uncertainty is an opportunity
Change the world or be changed by it
Treat your work as a piece of your life
All of the above
Question 2 *

An elevator pitch is:

A short conversation with someone in an elevator
An explanation of your value proposition in 2 minutes or less
About 10 minutes long
Question 3 *

True or false: You should continually remind your supervisor of recent successes you’ve had.

Question 4 *

True or false: Tooting your own horn is inappropriate when speaking with your supervisor or a prospective employer.

Question 5 *

According to the presenter, what’s the No. 1 thing needed to you convince your boss you’re ready for the next role?

Know what the next role is, and be completing parts of it already
Knowledge of the staffing budget
Potential ability to complete the next role
None of the above
Question 6 *

The group and presenter indicated that ambiguity creates:

A fear of being wrong
No metrics
Loss of control
All of the above
Question 7 *

True or false: If you’re going to freak out, freak out with fellow employees and/or your supervisor

Question 8 *

The group and presenter indicated that the top trends in the industry are:

Aging population
Mergers and acquisitions
All of the above
Question 9 *

In order to keep up with trends and stay on top of the current industry trends, you should:

Google the topic
Read an article
Talk to others in similar positions
All of the above
Question 10 *

True or false: Work-life balance is important, and should be shared with your employer or supervisor.

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