CEU Exam: Managing Manufacturer Relationships with Integrity

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Question 1 *

In the presenter’s bike metaphor, what did the front wheel of the bicycle represent:

Accounting skills
Engineering skills
People Skills
All of the above
None of the above
Question 2 *

True or false: When dealing with manufacturers, there is a “black and white” rulebook that governs best practices on how to manage those relationships.

Question 3 *

In a manufacturer’s world and during a direct sale, who is the ultimate end user?

None of the above
Question 4 *

In a manufacturer’s world, who is involved in the indirect sale?

Consulting engineers
Mechanical contractors
Product experts
System installation experts
All of the above
Question 5 *

When an engineer provides generic specs to a manufacturer, what happens?

It becomes too costly to support you
A healthy bidding war
Collaboration and ultimately the best proposal wins
None of the above
Question 6 *

True or false: When receiving a small gift (pen, golf balls, desk supplies) from a manufacturer, the monetary value, or lack thereof, does factor into whether it’s acceptable to receive it.

Question 7 *

According to the presenter, during the “Mirror Test,” what do you need to say to yourself when looking in the mirror?

“Do I like what I see?”
“Should I be doing this?”
“Yup, I’m doing the right thing.”
None of the above
Question 8 *

According to the presenter, when you are struggling with a decision on how to deal with a manufacturer, how do you define the “Mom Test”?

The parent company of a manufacturer is something to consider when selecting products
The mother of all relationships is an engineer who partners with a manufacturer
If your mom works for the manufacturer, it’s OK to accept benefits from that company
If you described the situation and your decision to your mom, could you do so without feeling dirty?
None of the above
Question 9 *

According to the presenter, what do you get paid for?

Selecting the cheapest manufacturer
How you handle the many shades of grey in manufacturer relationships
Sitting on the fence between two manufacturers
Driving down the price between two manufacturers
Question 10 *

True or false: According to the presenter in Scenario E, is it never acceptable to accept a trip on a private jet to go tour a manufacturer's facilities if the main goal of the trip is to discover how the product is made and learn more about the company.

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