CEU Exam: How to Win and Retain Talented Engineers

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What’s one good way to evaluate talent?

Meet a recruit’s family and friends
Do group interviews
Review their resume and/or LinkedIn profile
All of the above
Question 2 *

What is one good way to find new engineering talent?

Referrals from other engineers
Vendors or clients
Campus recruiting
All of the above
Question 3 *

What’s the first part of creating the “perfect pitch”?

Company values, core
Hire a PR company
Define the company mentoring program
Take candidates on building/project tours
Question 4 *

According to a recent “Hiring Smart” survey, the average amount of time it takes to resolve a bad hire is:

6 months
9 months
12 months
18 months
24 months
Question 5 *

When generating interview questions to ask a candidate, the best results happen when:

The interviewee’s answer is obvious
Questions are simple yes/no answers
Questions are open-ended
Similar questions are repeated by several interviewers
Question 6 *

True or false: The best type of interview question asks about past behavior or experience.

Question 7 *

The speaker indicated that silence is a great way to pull more information out of a candidate. According to a Harvard University on conversations, the longest someone can remain silent is:

20 seconds
21 seconds
22 seconds
23 seconds
Question 8 *

Which group has the strongest discontent with its employers?

Generation X
Baby Boomers
Question 9 *

Which survey option does NOT take the pulse of employees, thus educating the employer on what makes them happy?

Engagement survey
Opinion/satisfaction survey
Salary survey
Culture survey
Question 10 *

True or false: Having a constructive culture leads to lower turnover.

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