Two Paths: Engineering or Business

Presentation Date:
Thursday, October 18, 2012

Exam for Continuing Education Units

1 AIA CES accredited LU available for attendees

You must get 8 of 10 questions correct to pass the exam. You may retake the exam if necessary. You will be notified whether you passed or failed automatically after taking the exam. Upon passing the exam, you will be able to download the completion certificate immediately.


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Question 1 *

What is the point of using the term, “Numerator?”

The presentation uses a formula for which career path to pursue
It has to do with enumerating career options
It’s not used
That you have absolute control over your time

Question 2 *

What is Please Understand Me?

It’s referred to as a method to understand how to decide if your are management material
It’s a book which profiles personality types
A phrase used in the session to describe how executives analyze people
Some headhunter/recruiters use this tool to quantify candidates qualifications

Question 3 *

What were the 3 major engineering paths discussed?

Technical, Business Management, Engineering Management
Marketing engineers, Development engineers, Manufacturing engineers
Consulting engineers, in-house engineers, independent contract engineers
Product management engineers, project management engineers, supplier quality engineers

Question 4 *

Where do introverts get their energy?

By going to parties
Eating correctly
From within
They don’t, they’re not energetic at all

Question 5 *

True or False: The session focused on the point that each person needs to decide what their career path should be and not let circumstances decide their career path.


Question 6 *

True or False: This session emphasized a technique to survey your friends, relatives, co-workers and boss to take a poll and use a spreadsheet formula to count and weight those votes to decide your best career path.


Question 7 *

True or False: The presenter has worked in large companies his whole life and presented ways to deal with those particular circumstances in choosing your career path.


Question 8 *

True or False: This session discussed options besides engineering paths for those with engineering degrees.


Question 9 *

True or False: If you’re interested in a business career path, this session stated that you had to have an MBA.


Question 10 *

True or False: You have to decide early whether to go a business or engineering path or you cannot change later.


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