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HVAC webcast: K-12 schools and colleges/universities

Providing cooling/heating comfort and energy efficiency in school buildings is an ongoing challenge... » more

2018 40 Under 40 nomination deadline extended

Nominate a junior member of the team to the 2018 40 Under 40 awards program. Nominations deadline...

Webcast: How to Specify Electrical Components in Hazardous Locations

Electrical engineers should learn to reduce design time by specifying components in hazardous...

How to create productive working relationships

Understanding how to properly communicate with decision-makers is key to a successful building... » more

An engineer inside the classroom: How the built environment influences engineering education

Given the function of an engineering course to equip students with skills to design buildings in... » more

How to instill work ethic into millennials

Work ethic is part of an individual's personal values and much like a company's corporate values,... » more

Staffing disconnects

A recent research study shows there is a disconnect between what junior staff need and what they’re... » more

Webcast: A NFPA 70B and 70E Overview: Eliminate the Risk of Electrical Hazards and Avoid Expensive Shutdowns

This Oct. 25 session will focus on the importance of electrical safety and maintenance programs,...

Five tips on how to get published in trade publications

Expand your professional portfolio by contributing to trade magazines.  » more

Webcast: Critical power: Power generation systems in high-performance buildings

Electrical engineers must consider many factors when designing power generation systems, as...

Integrating teams for success

Integrate the architectural and engineering teams for project success. » more

Webcast: Relays: They’re not just for medium-voltage anymore

This webcast on July 13, 2017, will cover a quick review of the most popular relay functions being...

How to educate a changing population

Education is shifting in the United States. Educators—both traditional and online schools—must... » more

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