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Diesel generator emissions
NFPA-99: New healthcare facility code requirements
Standby Power for Large Public Spaces
Applying the new PUE metric to data centers
Networked controls for power and electrical systems
Optional Standby vs. Emergency Power Systems
Transformers and Energy Efficiency
Electrical storage for buildings: technology update
Energy efficiency considerations of ;arge UPS systems
Generators and transfer switches -- and surge protection
Industrial-grade power conditioning
NFPA 70E-Applying the 2012 Edition of the Standard for Workplace Electrical Safety
Pre-integrated systems vs. component systems
Review of recent arc flash accidents: lessons learned
BIM and power systems design
Lessons learned from commercial-building PV systems
Permitting process for generators
Residential and light-commercial standby power
Smart Grid Codes and Standards Update
Working with (and around) load banks
Charging stations for plug-in electric vehicles
Smart grid: Lessons learned from early adopters
State of the Grid: Reliability, Quality, and Economic Issues
Thermal storage for peak-load shifting
Wind Power for Buildings: Green Source or Green Wash?
Deciphering electricity bills and negotiating rates
Diesel fuel system design: distribution, storage, and safety
Get scrappy: What to do with old power equipment
Grounding and bonding

Electrical Distribution


Please indicate which topics are important to your job or are of interest to you.
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Arc flash calculations and studies
Data center wiring and circuit protection
Software tools and online resources
Hospital Electrical Distribution Systems
National Electric Code Updates
School Electrical Distribution Systems
Smart meters
Wireless electrical controls
Green Impacts of Electrical Distribution Systes
Flexible, Sustainable Electrical Systems
Alternatives to Copper Wire and Cable
Design Tips for Lower-Cost Construction
Wiring design for building-integrated PV systems
Conduits and connections
Grounding and Shielding
Medium voltage



Please indicate which topics are important to your job or are of interest to you.
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How to completely specify an indoor lighting system
LED retrofits: What works and what's cost effective
Energy codes and lighting
Financial incentives for energy efficient lighting
Integrating lighting control with building automation systems
Energy models and lighting
LED specification
Planning for the phase out of incandescent lamps
Safety "gotchas" electrical inspectors look for
Commissioning electrical distribution systems
Update on LED product standards and quality
Addressable lighting systems
Factoring lighting into cooling loads
Sequnces of operation for occupancy sensors
Summary of LED product standards
Tax Credits for Energy Efficient Lighting
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