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HVAC and Controls


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Documenting ASHRAE 62.1 compliance
Documenting ASHRAE 90.1 compliance
Green Construction Codes: ASHRAE 189.1 and IGCC
Using BAS for measurement, verification, and reporting
Chilled beams for labs: case study
Control sequences for Chilled Water
Economics of Energy Efficiency: Beyond ROI and Payback Periods
Energy modeling and unconventional systems
Great resources for HVAC engineering
HVAC for large open spaces
HVAC for tall buildings
Industrial HVAC: Waste Heat Recovery and Use
Laboratory ventilation
Lifecycle analysis of HVAC systems
Modular classroom ventilation and air conditioning
Proper specification minimizes integration issues
Wireless controls
Accommodating change: Flexible HVAC design
Control sequences for air handlers
Control sequences for boiler Systems
Design tips for 100% outdoor air systems
Five ways noise and vibration problems creep into HVAC systems
Regulating Indoor/outdoor pressure differences
Control sequences for chilled beams
Control sequences for VFDs
Heat exchanges and dessicant wheels
Hybrid BAS systems: wired and wireless
Integrated project delivery
Integrating HVAC and shading: How to cool glass buildings
Natural ventilation systems
Networked controls for rooftop units
New designs for new pumping technologies
What the smart grid means for buildings
Current thinking on infection control
Engineering for fan array systems
Finding, processing and using weather data
How to reduce system-effect loses in air systems
Maximizing local resources for HVAC design
Tips and tricks for benchmarking energy performance
Understanding the "site vs. source" debate on energy



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How to completely specify an indoor lighting system
LED retrofits: What works and what's cost effective
Energy codes and lighting
Financial incentives for energy efficient lighting
Integrating lighting control with building automation systems
Energy models and lighting
LED specification
Planning for the phase out of incandescent lamps
Safety "gotchas" electrical inspectors look for
Commissioning electrical distribution systems
Update on LED product standards and quality
Addressable lighting systems
Factoring lighting into cooling loads
Sequences of operation for occupancy sensors
Summary of LED product standards
Tax credits for energy efficient lighting

Plumbing, Piping, Pumping


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BIM and piping design
Sizing and selecting pumps and circulators
Specifying pumps and pump installations
Gray water update: Codes, standards, practices
Piping materials and methods update
Saving energy in water-heating systems
10 ways to save water in commercial buildings
Steam traps and condensate systems
Tracking and conserving facility water usage
Pump staging
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