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Fire and Life Safety


Please indicate which topics are important to your job or are of interest to you.
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Egress design for super tall buildings
Emergency notification systems: Effectiveness update
Updates on NFPA 72 - National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code
Balancing passive and active fire protection
Emergency lighting: codes, standards, best practices
Fire-stopping for plumbing and HVAC penetrations
How to mentor a fire-protection engineer (quickly)
Sprinkler piping update
Twisted Designs: Tornadoes and commercial buildings
Wireless fire alarm systems
Elevator shafts and tunnels
Protecting fire protection systems from vandalism and theft
Specifying fire sprinkler pumps
Testing fire sprinklers
Testing requirements and techniques for fire and smoke dampers
Under floors, over ceilings, and between walls: Dealing with interstitial spaces
BIM and fire protection engineering
Clean-agent fire suppression
Commissioning fire protection systems
Integrating fire systems with HVAC controls
Lessons learned from the latest floods
Structural coatings
Water source and quality considerations for fire sprinklers

Plumbing, Piping, Pumping


Please indicate which topics are important to your job or are of interest to you.
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BIM and piping design
Sizing and selecting pumps and circulators
Specifying pumps and pump installations
Gray water update: Codes, standards, practices
Piping materials and methods update
Saving energy in water-heating systems
10 ways to save water in commercial buildings
Steam traps and condensate systems
Tracking and conserving facility water usage
Pump staging
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