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betty penny

Friday, 04-11-11 12:18

Great Article and well thought out as more businesses need to understand the impact and how apps can help their buisness, many still don`t understand them as yet.


Gersil Kay

Tuesday, 16-08-11 16:04

For years I have been trying to get for Lighting the three Cs in construction:
Now there is a fourth - commuissioning Lighting.
When drawings showcables put through water pipes, because there is no room made for wiring, the client is not only unhappy, but stuck with unexpected charges.  Or, trenching AFTER new carpet is laid, or putting smoke detectors BEHIND spaces, or neglecting to cover historic furnishings or features during construction - these are examples of poor scheduling and lack of three Cs.


Richard Geiisler

Monday, 18-10-10 22:20

I agree! It is difficult to convince young engineers (and department heads lookoing to minimize design hours) that lighting design deserves more consideration than using a vendor or even using the vendors softwawre to calculate default  minimum fixture layouts.
Owners can be just as bad if they only have a limited experience set to draw from.
As engineers and lighting deigners, we owe our clients (and even ourselves)  a much better effort than that.
I always ask my vendors and factory reps for the best usage of their product, but I always design the job to meet the requrements of the IECc or IBC or ASHRAE requirement, while trying to achieve the most appropriate lighting scene. It is a very reqarding way to approach it.


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